Children Are Angels From Heaven


Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Kolkata

Angels From Heaven sponsors two children, Soib and Rumpa, who go to the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. My friend at the school, Tessa along with the school principal, had arranged to have a small party for Rumpa and her class given by Kathy of Arlington Ma. There were about 25 children in Rumpa's class on this day. Every child was handicapped. Let me tell you it was unbelievable how happy these children were. Kathy had given me a ballerina music box to bring to Rumpa from her, and I had stuffed animals from many of you to give to the children. It was a fantastic time for everyone including Mum Xavier and myself. Having chocolate cake and ice cream was a real treat. Just seeing the children’s smiles was something I can still see when I close my eyes. The school staff did everything they could to make this a wonderful time for everyone. It was just a great time to always remember.Tessa took me to a room to show me, as she said, the zoo. THE ZOO??? She had made a zoo out of the many animals that I had sent her last year. She told me the children love to play with the animals in the zoo and learn all about them. This is a great school for handicapped children. One thing is for sure - there is no shortage of love for every child at this school.

Children are Angels from Heaven