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Can Tabs and Can Deposits - 2009

Hi Everyone The end of an old year and the beginning of a new year brings much work to me every year.... I am a person who makes sure everything is 100% right...............If its not , I do not want to be a part of it...... With that said….. I have worked all morning gathering the Deposit Can total dollar amounts for this years total.......... I can account for every single can and where each one came from.................. The yearly total of cans & bottles collected in 2009 was 22,913 For a total cash total value of $1,145.69 ..... The money was deposited into the Angels from Heaven checking account during the 2009 year............ The Grand overall totals for everything ending Dec 31 2009 are Total Cans & Bottles collected>>>> 117,395 Total Cash Deposited >>> $5,869.76 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also worked on the Totals numbers for the Can Tabs last weekend... We ended up with 3 big boxes full of the can tabs in 2009 to give to the Shriners Hospitals to help children.......... The total for all the Tabs in 2009 was>>>>> 19 pounds Our Grand overall Tab total is now >>>> 33 Pounds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally sorted out and counted every single deposit can & bottle and drove it to the redemption center myself.. It was lots of work but well worth the smiles of the kids with our projects. It was also a way to gather funding for our small charity without hurting peoples income ... I would like to Thank Everyone for your efforts... Together we do good work to help many children the best way we can in this very bad economy. It makes me so happy that so many of you have stepped forward to help me do this work. Most people throw the cans out in the trash as they cant be bothered to do the work for 5 cents each. That means our State keeps the money ..........Together we have turned waste into projects and smiles for children.... If anyone has any questions please call me 781-483-1002 Thanks for everything Ray O Brien >>>>>> Children are Angels From Heaven 16 Bower St Medford Ma 02155 Children are Angels from Heaven 501(c) 3 A tax deductable Non Profit Charity

Children are Angels from Heaven