Children Are Angels From Heaven


Song and dance program in Indian school

As I sit here in NH and look out my window over the frozen lake my mind takes me to India and my visits to see the Indian children. Almost all of you know that I have 3 adopted children from India. They are great kids and I am so proud to be their Dad. It is because of them that I visit India every year as a visitor. I enjoy visiting India and learning about Indian culture as well as visiting local schools and meeting other Indian children. I have done this for many years and have always enjoyed my wonderful visits. Other than my family the visits have become the happiest time of my life. The children and people of India are very kind to me and I have made a few very good friends during my visits. When I visit a school the children are very respectful to me and we always have a nice time time together.

In India almost every school requires a school uniform. This way everyone is the same. Every single family in all of India knows education is very important and the school student knows they must always do their best at school with no exceptions.

When children begin school one program that is taught is Song and Dance. As the student goes through the years of schooling with proper teachers and practice the Song and Dance part of the students education gets better and better. Let me tell you when you see older girls dance at a school program it is something that you never forget.

It is a different culture and a different world for me to see and I have to tell you it is beautiful in so many ways. So in an attached mail is a short video so that you can see how the children would greet me as I arrive at a village school. Every child and teacher takes part. My hands are washed (as a custom) and I am given many flowers. along with much Respect, Love and Kindness from everyone.

Because I am limited as how long this video can be and that I am not Hollywood or Bollywood, I have done my best with the computer equipment and skills that I have to show you a little what Song and Dance is like in India as well as a warm welcome to a school.

I hope that you like it.

Children are Angels from Heaven