Children Are Angels From Heaven


Dasi - Sabera Home for Handicapped Children

During one of my visits to the Sabera Home for Handicapped Children in Calcutta, I met a little girl named Dasi, who many of you may have read about in my last newsletter and recent e-mails. Although Dasi was physically healthy, she had lived most of her young life with crossed eyes. Dasi was a quiet child, and I knew that her handicap had caused her to suffer with the challenges of learning and integrating socially. Because of this, I made a committment to help Dasi have a better chance to live a fulfilling life and, at this time, I'm happy to report that through the genrous donations made to Children are Angels From Heaven, we were able to raise the money needed to allow Dasi to undergo an eye operation to correct her crossed eyes. The doctor who performed the operation informed us that she is doing very well. She is attending school, is talking non-stop and is outgoing and very, very happy. The staff at the Sabera Home is in the process of trying to find a family for Dasi. The "before" and "after" pictures of Dasi are shown below:

Children are Angels from Heaven