Children Are Angels From Heaven


Desks for Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya School, Calcutta, India

In December of 2008 I had visited the staff and children at the Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya School in Calcutta India. As always I had a great visit with everyone. During my visit I was asked by the principle of the school if I could help the school with buying some new High Low benches for the classrooms for the chldren to sit and do classwork on. I told him I would do what I could, but I needed time to gather funding for the needed project. Because of the many people who step forward to help me each year I was able to raise the funds for the project in early 2009. I contracted with a Childrens home named Don Bosco Ashalayam to make the High Low benches (20 high benches 20 lower benches) everything worked out great. Bernard Maung who works at Don Bosco Ashalayam was the one who put everything together with the help of the principle of the Hindi School Mr Ashok Tiwari. Everything went well. It took a little longer than expected, but the price never changed and in the end everyone was happy.The boys at Don Bosco built everything and got the training and instruction to do it by the staff. The boys are all older street boys trying to learn a trade at Don Bosco Ashalayam to get a job and make money........The Hindi school needed the new chairs and benches for the classrooms.So I put everyone together .. and it was>>>>> win win win >> For the street boys to learn the craft, for the children at the Hindi school to get new equipment to learn classroom work on , and for the supporters of Children are Angels from Heaven to get good value with our donated money and make the world a better place by helping as many children that we can with each project completed.............. Here are a few photos for you to see...........Don Bosco Boys making the High Low benches and the children at the Hindi School with the new equipment..

If anyone has any questions feel free to call me at 781-483-1002

Thank You for your continued help and support

Ray O Brien

Children are Angels from Heaven