Children Are Angels From Heaven


Candy for Dinesh, India - 2018

This past week I have received mail from Sister Anisha regarding a young boy that I met a few years ago in a small village. His name is Dinesh and he is a great little boy. Dinesh is handicapped with a leg problem and has to walk with a stick. He is the sweetest boy you could ever want to meet.

Long story very short, on my last visit with Dinesh in Dec 2017 I gave him some old fashioned candy, the kind of candy that is stuck on long strips of paper and you bite the Candy Dots off one at a time.

At first Dinesh had no idea what they were and just looked at me while holding them in his hand. I took the candy back and bit off a few pieces myself to show him how to get them off the paper.

Let me tell you Dinesh and his little Sister sitting next to him loved them. The candy was gone in no time at all.

When I came home from India I remembered that visit with Dinesh, and the happiness just a few pieces of candy gave him and his little Sister.

In March 2018 I was in the Florida Keys with my Cousin Art and his daughter Amber. They have both always helped me with my India work to help the children and I told them both the story about Dinesh and the candy dots.

The next day when Art came home from work after picking Amber up at school they handed me a big bag of the candy dots stuck on the paper. They said this was for Dinesh. I thought that was great! When I got back home to Boston, I mailed the candy dots to India for Dinesh.

You can see the results of everything below. Please think about how the dots were connected from Florida, to Boston, to India, to the Sisters, to Dinesh in his village.

A special Thanks to Art and Amber and everyone who helps me with Children are Angels from Heaven...

Children are Angels from Heaven