Children Are Angels From Heaven


Fortune Magazine Heroes Of The 500 and Ryder System Inc. CEO's Visit and Donation

The story started with an old Ryder Truck Rental friend and boss from many years ago. A man named Chris Hepler from Georgia submitted my name to Ryder and how I started Children are Angels from Heaven long ago and the work we have done over the years.
Mr David Bruce, Vice President of communications at Ryder at the Miami Headquarters, called me to verify all the information. Ryder, with the help of employees Jennifer Hanlon and James Lezcano, then sent all the relevant information about Angels to Claire Gordon at Fortune magazine for review and for her to write the story about Ray OBrien and our Angels from Heaven work. I was picked to be 30 out of 27 million Fortune 500 workers and the story just took off. Everyone at Ryder was so happy!
It is a great honor for me but I want everyone to understand that it is all of us who have made Children Are Angels from Heaven a great charity to help many people in need. I am only the glue that holds it all together every year. It is a lot of work but we do it together. I could never do it alone. Thank You for all your help and trust year after year.

It was a wonderful day at Ryder September 9, 2015 when Mr Robert Sanchez (CEO of Ryder Systems) and Mr Dennis Cooke (FMS President) personally came to the Ryder shop at Stoneham Ma (0567) to congratulate me and to shake my hand and talk about the work we do to everyone. I have been with Ryder Truck Rental for over 31 years and I have never seen a day like this at my shop before. I was truly honored. Robert and Dennis were so easy to talk to. I told them both just how it is with Angels From Heaven. My name might be on the paperwork but it is all of us who make up Angels from Heaven and do this work. I am only one of many who work very hard to get many things done for the poor. At the end of our meeting, Mr. Sanchez reached out to help Children Are Angels From Heaven with our work this year with a very generous donation written in a beautiful letter. The donation will be used towards desks for a small school in Rourkela, Orissa, India. Everyone in my shop workers and managers were so happy as many people did not know about Children Are Angels From Heaven as I never ask anyone for anything.
Below, you can see a photo of myself (in the middle) with CEO Mr. Robert Sanchez on my right and Ryder FMS President Dennis Cooke on my left, and also the beautiful letter I received from Mr. Sanchez. Further down, you can see a message from our CEO and a short writeup on Ray OBrien in Ryder Cares, both of which were published in the Ryder People Magazine 2015.

Children are Angels from Heaven