Children Are Angels From Heaven


A Special Day at St. Joseph's Girls' Primary School, Orissa, India

Even the smallest donation means so much to the Children that I visit each year…

Each year I visit as many children that I can in India during my yearly Children are Angels from Heaven trip. Last year was another great year for all of us, many people stepped forward to help me in one way or another. What I always liked about our work is, I never ask anyone for anything and our work speaks for itself.

Sometimes the donations are monetary donations and other times they are material donations like gently used stuffed animals or used pencils and school supplies, but rest assured every donation is very very special and nothing is ever wasted.

Today I would like to tell you about a special day I had with the Children, teachers and Sisters last December 2017 in Orissa at the St Joseph Primary School.

It was a beautiful day outside; around 10 AM when I was taken by the Daughters of the Cross Sisters to the school to meet the children. There were about 100 children outside the school in the school yard waiting for my arrival. With me I had a few boxes of donations from people here in the USA. One Special box was from Girl Scout troop numbers 11396 & 41059 of Westfield Ma. organized by Troop leader Lisa Quinn. I also had some of the many beautiful stuffed animals in the other boxes that were sent to me for children from Art, Amber, Laura, Ron, Barbara, Debbie, Sharyn and a few more people. The Sisters also bought Chips and sweets to hand out to the Children.

When I arrived the children gave me a very warm welcome and so many flowers from each class that I could not hold them all .. All Marigolds…The Indian Flower!

The kids all had big bright smiles on their faces as they lined up to do a song and dance program for me. They all knew this was going to be a very different fun day at school for all of them.

Each class of the school performed a beautiful program. The small children we so cute singing songs and the older children performed Indian dance and they were very good. I was very happy to sit in a chair in front of all the children and watch all of it for about 45 minutes with the Sisters.

After the program the Sisters got all the children in a long line and passed out all the small gifts that I brought for them. First it was it was Balls and Frisbees then special homemade jump ropes from the Girl Scouts in Westfield MA. The Girl Scouts did a service project for the children with troop leader Lisa Quinns help. They collected many plastic bags and twisted them up to be real tight then they tied them together to make single and double jump ropes out of them. The school children went wild for everything. They ran around skipping rope, flying frisbees, and throwing balls. I could not stop taking their photos because of seeing their happy smiles and hearing the laughter from them. Simple small inexpensive toys that brought so much joy and happiness to so many children. It made me and the Sisters very happy to see. I hope that you too smile when you see the photos below this mailing.

When the children had played for an hour with the new toys, the Sisters got the children back in a long line and we opened the rest of the boxes and handed out the stuffed animals that I had brought for them along with all the snacks that the Sisters had bought for everyone.

It sure was a day to always remember for everyone. It was one of those days that you never want to forget. It was beautiful in every single way.

To this day, I often think about that special day. Everyone had such a good time, a time like no other yet it was all accomplished with a minimum amount of money for the snacks and the kindness and love that you had sent with your jump ropes, stuffed animals and toys for the Children.

See the photos below of a wonderful day in Orissa India …..

Children are Angels from Heaven