Children Are Angels From Heaven


Bicycle Story by Donna Keeley

This story begins with my Dad and Mom giving me $50 for my birthday last week. Dad said, we did not know what to give you so we are giving you this and we know you will do something good for someone with it.

Fast forward - this weekend was the Pittsfield Rotary Clubs annual penny sale fundraiser. At this penny Sale, we have a grand prize raffle and a friend of our Rotary club, Ray O'Brien always donates a big prize for the raffle and he always attends our event. Ray, a hardworking, blue-collar man married to Pat, with three adopted children from India does so much for so many. He travels to India every year to help poor children. This year would be his 21st visit. Our club always gives him a donation so he can help the poor street children of India. Anyways, I said "ah,ha", I am going to give Ray and his wife the $50 and insist that they go out to dinner. I forbid him to bring the money to India. I wanted he and his wife to have a night out.

Fast forward again... During the Penny Sale, a young boy wanted to win one of the grand prizes, a bright yellow bike. He came to the event early, hovered over the bike and the raffle area and when his ticket was not pulled, he was so sad!!!!! His name is Joshua and he is 8. He told me that his birthday was on 11/24 and he would be 9. I asked him if he had a bike and he said no. I got his address, and as they say, the rest is history. When Ray found this out, he insisting on buying a bike for Joshua - so, that night he drove to Walmart, bought the bike at 11pm, and the next day I picked up the bick and delivered it to Joshua. No one was home. I left a message that an angel gave Joshua the bike.

Here is Joshua enjoying the bike, his mother posted the picture on a Pittsfield Facebook page,thanking the "angel" who gave Joshua the bike....... One small gesture,DAD and Mom made this happen......

Love you all
Donna Keeley

Children are Angels from Heaven