Children Are Angels From Heaven


Kentucky and New Hampshire School Desk Trips

image002.gif image004.gif
Loading Rental truck for Kentucky trip
Inside Truck during loading Toys desks clothes
image006.gif image008.gif image010.gif
Truck loaded and ready to go
Arrival in Kentucky
Unloading at the Red Cross Loading Dock
image012.gif image014.gif
Ray Reed from Save the Children
Truck unloaded onto the loading dock 120 Desks
image016.gif image018.gif
Loading desks into vans to go to the children’s centers
image020.gif image022.gif
2nd trip to Laconia NH - Faith Christian Academy
image024.gif image026.gif
Approx. 60 desks delivered to this school
Mr and Mrs Coit helping unload the desks
Children are Angels from Heaven