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Helping Children in Mexico - 2018

Hi Everyone,

Back in July 2018 I told you about a man I had met at a Children are Angels from Heaven presentation at the William Sutton Lodge A.F. & A.M. in Saugus Ma.

During the meeting I told everyone about some of our work to help the poor in India as well as show a short movie about a village family. After the meeting many people came to me to ask questions about everything and I gladly answered all the questions. One of the people was a man named Alan he said to me Ray that talk and movie was fantastic. I am from Mexico and I would like to help the poor people where I came from. Can you tell me how to to do it?

I said Alan it is not easy to do . It is something that that you can not just do. You need to set up a charity to do this work to make it all legal. It is called a 501 (c) 3 non profit charity and it takes time to do and it is not easy to get approved and to manage. I said to Alan call me in a day or so and I will go over everything with you because it was getting late and I gave him my telephone number.

A few days Alan called me and we had a very nice conversation. I felt Alan was a good man and he truly wanted to help the poor people in Mexico so I said to Alan I am willing work with you and to help you. Lets gather up some needed items for the poor people and make up one box to send to Mexico as a test run.

Alan gathered up many nice clean beautiful clothes while I got lots of small toys and calculators. We made one big box of everything. It was sent to Mexico in early July 2018.

Our plan was, Alan was to go on vacation back to Mexico the end of July to visit his Mom and other family members. Alan was to meet up with the large box of donations first hand and distribute everything soon afterwards, to the people with his family.

Before we sent the box we both knew that it might not work out and maybe the box would never arrive..........But both Alan and I trusted God to help us with our project.

It is now mid September 2018 and Alan has sent me a letter and some photos that I would like to share with all of you of the results of the project to Mexico. ( See attachment)

I have told Alan I will continue to help him in the future and do all that I can to help him for a few good reasons Alan has the energy, the kindness, and the love in his heart to help the poor. With all that, you can accomplish anything.

I would like to say Thank You to all the people who help Children are Angels from Heaven to do this work. Without your help and support this work would never happen ...

Below is Alan's mail to me.

Thank You

Ray OBrien

September 08, 2018

Hi Raymond,

As you may know, this summer my family and I visited Mexico. We have now returned to Massachusetts. I want to thank you and your organization for your support in shipping the donation box to Mexico.

I would personally like to thank Raymond O Brien and Children Are Angels from Heaven for provided the support to ship the small box. It was June 28, 2018, and I was thinking how to help low-income children in Mexico. There is a lot of poverty next to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico, the city that is my home.

I called Raymond O Brien from Children Are Angels from Heaven, I want to mention something in here, I met Raymond on a Masons Meeting at William Sutton Lodge in Saugus MA where he was showing a presentation about his work helping people in India for so many years. After I explained my idea about donating clothes and toys to poor children in Mexico, he agreed to help to ship the box for me.

So far, we have sent a small box with some clothes and small toys for the children in need in a small town in the State of Nuevo Leon in Mexico. The idea is to start shipping boxes annually with second-hand or used small toys, clothes, shoes, and school supplies. For this, I would like to thank in advance Willian Sutton Lodge, which is going to support me in spreading the word about collecting donations.

A little bit of the story about the first donation box. It arrived in Mexico 15 days later after Raymond sent it. I got there myself on July 17th, 2018 after flying from Boston. After that, we collected more clothes from my Mom and sisters to add to the donation box.

On Thursday, August 2nd, it was a sunny and a beautiful day in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico when my wife, children and I brought the donation Box to the children. We drove for about 1 hour north to find the needed neighborhood to “La Alianza and Solidaridad.”

It was 38 Celsius, about 100.4 Fahrenheit, with the sun blazing when we found this neighborhood community to deliver the clothes, balls, and toys. We spent some time talking with the families and sharing with the kids. The experience was incredible to seeing the kids’ faces and happy expressions for the little something. It made my day to see the smile on their faces.

More than that, those kids and families taught us a lesson about how to live “survive” with only the basics or less than that. We saw the happy kids’ happy living in houses made of spare wood pieces of metal or steel; a street with no concrete and no lights and reduce water.

Now, those few kids of the 7 to 10 families we visited will have something to play with and to wear.

Again, thank you, Raymond from Children Are Angels from Heaven for helping me to send this box to Mexico, and making my first small donation to this organization.

Thank you, Brother.


Alan Avid Silva Briones

Children are Angels from Heaven