Children Are Angels From Heaven


Nicco Park Trip, St. Teresa's School, Calcutta, India

This year I had e mailed Sister Lucy and Sister Sini of St Teresa’s School in Calcutta and told them that I wanted to take the Angels from The Street children to a fun park called Nicco Park. I told her that I wanted to give those children a day they NEVER would forget. With a bus ride, ice creams, lunch fun at the park on all the rides , and a new gift when we returned back to the school. I told her I wanted no short cuts and that I wanted our money well spent but I wanted it to be fun........

I honestly think that Sister Lucy thought I was crazy .She wrote back and said Mr. Ray this will cost a lot of money. I said to just go forward with everything and arrange the day. With that said upon my arrival in Calcutta in Late Nov the arrangements had been made for Nov 24 2010...
I must tell you the day went perfect. We took about 40 children to this fun park. They had never been to such a place in their life. The Sisters and I had so much fun watching them have fun.
When we arrived at the park the kids eyes were wide open looking at everything not knowing what to expect. We got our tickets and a wristband to put on and now walked into the amusement area. The first ride was a small train ride around the park. The kids loved it.
Then we went to the merry go round. The kids all sat on the horses. They thought it was great. But the ride did not start. They did not know it would move. When the horses started to go up and down the kids got afraid.Then after a minute or two they understood it was the ride itself. I’m telling you the kid’s smiles were so big.
From that point on, the kids ran to each ride and could not wait to get on the next one. We had a great lunch in the middle of the day and even had a birthday cake for one of the children bought by young adults we did not know. When the day ended we went back to the city on the big bus. The kids were quiet they were all worn out from all the fun.
We arrived at the school around 4 PM the principal Sister Lucy had arranged to give the children a new school bag and a nice apple to go home with. Remember many of these children live under a bridge each night. The only schooling they receive is with our program each day in the afternoon. It was a day of happyness I will never forget.
A little girl named Anjali who lives near Toronto Canada funded this entire trip. It was her First Holy Communion on May 8, 2010 and she sent her entire gift money to our charity "Children are Angels from Heaven" to bring to India to help very poor children. There were no restrictions for the money to be used just that it went to poor children. I could not think of a better way to celebrate Anjali's special day than making 40 very poor children so very happy for the day.

“Thank You Anjali”. It was a day people are still talking about.. The Sisters loved it. The Children love it, The Teacher loved it, and I loved it. Before we left for the park at 9AM Sister Lucy the principal had her staff and some of the older students come to the classroom and put women’s makeup on all the Angels girls to look pretty They even put a white bow in each girls hair .........It was a wonderful day for everyone from start to finish. The photos will tell the entire story!

Children are Angels from Heaven