Children Are Angels From Heaven


Gaibira Playground, Orissa, India

Today I would like to take a few minutes and tell you a little about a playground that Children are Angels from Heaven had made in a small village called Gaibira , Orissa India Dec. 2017 with the help of the Daughters of the Cross Sisters.

Gaibira is a 3 hour ride by car from Rourkela. When the Sisters and I arrived in Gaibira we were all given a very warm welcome. The Gaibira children and Sisters were all lined up in front of the Convent. They washed our hands (as Indian custom) and gave us flowers while the children sang songs. It was truly something special.

After the welcome the Rourkela Daughters of the Cross Sisters and I were invited to lunch inside the Convent by the Daughters of the Cross Gaibira Sisters. All of us sat around a big kitchen table and had a great lunch and talked about many things.

After lunch it was time to go see the New Playground that was built for the children. The playground was named Fun Space by the Sisters. It took a full year of planning and hard work to complete this project and I was very anxious to see it.

When I walked out the rear door of the Convent , I saw the Playground for the first time. It was absolutely beautiful. The playground had 2 merry go rounds, 2 see saws, and a wonderful well thought out slide that had 2 sets of stairs and 2 slides attached to it with a bridge across the middle of it. The entire playground was enclosed with a heavy chain link fence with a big pretty painted gate to get in and out. The ground was covered with a thick layer of soft white sand from end to end. Everything was painted bright beautiful colors. It was just fantastic! The playground even had a nice sign put on the fence saying the Playground was given by Children Are Angels from Heaven in America.

After a special ribbon cutting ceremony, the children and teachers were allowed to go into the playground for the first time. Everyone was so happy. The children were running all over the place! They did not know where to go first as all of this was so special to them. The children never had anything like this before and it was all new to them and fun. I just sat back and enjoyed seeing all the happy smiles and took a few photos.

After 1 hour of playing in the new playground the Sisters told all the children to go to the school hall, where the children had a very nice program of song and dance for me to thank all of us back home for the new playground. After the program was over the Sisters let the children go back to the playground to play. I had to laugh! All the children ran out the door to the playground.

This sure was a wonderful day for many people. The playground that we made for the children brought so many happy smiles. It was so special, everyone was so happy.

I would like to thank all of you for your help and support for this project. All of you reached out half way around the world to help the children. When people work together beautiful things can be done no matter where on earth you live. I hope all of you are proud of what Children Are Angels from Heaven accomplished with your donations and I hope that you smile now seeing the completed work. I also would like to thank the Daughters of the Cross Sisters for working very hard to look over every detail of this wonderful project for the children. When you see the photos below you will understand how beautiful this project was and the happiness we brought to many children in a rural area of India.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 781-483-1002.

I am accountable and responsible for every penny of your donations.

Thanks Again for all your help.

Ray O

Children are Angels from Heaven