Children Are Angels From Heaven


The Leo Club - Helping Children in Krakow, Poland

If you remember, in my 2004 newsletter, I reported about my trip to Poland to visit the Warsaw Getto and then to Krakow to visit Auschwitz concentration camp. During this short trip, I met a young girl named Paulina Pietrzykowska of the Leo Club. (Leo Clubs are the counterpart of the Lions Club which is known all over the world for its good work to help people in need.) I asked about poor children in Poland and if Angels from Heaven could help them in some small way. It was agreed that I would send donations to Poland the following year.

I ended up sending about 10 big boxes of clothes, toys, and school supplies to Krakow, Poland for the children. Katarzyna Horacek, who is a Leo Club member, agreed to receive all of Angels from Heavenís donations and make the arrangements to get them to the children. I must tell you, it was not easy - Iím sure even overwhelming at times! She took on this job to help the children as a volunteer of love and kindness and to help the children as a leader of her Club. Katarzyna did a first-class job taking photos and even making a report to send to me after everything was distributed. She was the person who the other Leo members worked with to help get things done. Your donations went to many children in the Krakow area, and I am proud and happy to report back to everyone that everything worked out PERFECTLY.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Leo Club of Krakow, Poland and all its members, as well as the supporters of Children are Angels from Heaven. This project could not have been done without your help. I also would like to give a special thanks to Katarzyna Horack for being the backbone of this project and getting the job done. You have proven to everyone at Angels from Heaven that you are a loyal leader of the Leo Club.

Children are Angels from Heaven