Children Are Angels From Heaven


Ryder Helps To Play The Game

Last year was a very busy year for Children are Angels from Heaven. Many people stepped forward to help with projects for the children including Ryder Systems Inc. of Miami Florida.

Last August 2017, I was sent a very generous donation from Ryder to do something special for a local school in Rourkela, Orissa India named St.Joseph Girls' High School.

This is a very big school with all older girls as students. The Daughters of the Cross Sisters asked me earlier in the year if there was a way that I could build a Basketball area for the children so they could shoot basketballs to the hoop. It was then that Ryder Systems Inc. of Miami, Florida stepped forward to help Children are Angels from Heaven accomplish this special project.

Building the basketball area would be a great way to get the children to learn how play as a team and get lots of exercise while learning to play the game.

The area that was chosen by the Daughters of the Cross Sisters for the basketball area to be built was uneven and rocky. It took the builder and his workers (both men and women) a few days to level the ground and get it ready before they could mix the cement to make the floor for the basketball area. This was a hard job and all done by hand with no machines, as that is how most projects like this are made in India.

In the end the basketball area turned out to be a wonderful place for the children to play on. It was strong and beautiful just what I had asked for.

On Dec 2 2017 the Basketball area was ready to play on. The Sisters and Children gathered at the area just outside the school and had a ribbon cutting ceremony thanking Children are Angels from Heaven for working with the school and to Ryder Systems Inc. for their kindness and generosity to have the basketball area built for the school.

After cutting the ribbon and saying a few words to everyone it was now time to play basketball. We had a dozen basketballs and passed them all out to the Children and Sisters to shoot the balls at the new basketball hoop.

It was a great time for everyone lots of fun with a nice project completed.

I would like to personally Thank Everyone for their help along with the Daughters of the Cross Sisters.

With a special Thank You to Ryder Systems Inc of Miami Florida.

( Ryder Truck Rental & Fleet Management )

Ray OBrien

Children are Angels from Heaven