Children Are Angels From Heaven


Salvation Army Water System 2008

I visited the Salvation Army Home in Behala, Calcutta, India, on Nov 29 2008 to finally see with my own eyes the new water system that has been installed over the past year and a half........ The home has about 120 children all girls. Before the children were drinking dirty water and would all get sick especially in monsoon season. Now the children are drinking fresh, clean, cold water ... The water is now pumped to the roof of the building stored in a 250 gal tank. It is then filtered and then cooled or chilled and brought to the faucet to drink ...... This project was very hard to have done. It cost a little more than I thought but in the end it worked out perfect. I added a few special things to be done to make it look good and work better such as a cement step for the children to stand on to reach the faucet as many of the kids are all small and could not reach it. I also had pretty tiles installed all around the sink to make it look good. A teacher named Amanda from the Revere Ma school system and her children contributed to this project along with Angels from Heaven donors.... The two people who worked with me to construct the project was Mr. Bernard Maung and Captain Patrick I arrived around 2:30 PM at the home and met the Captain in charge. We had planned a party or celebration for this day to dedicate the water system. We had a BIG cake made and ice cream for everyone along with a beanie baby for every child......It really worked out great. We had song and dance by the children ......Everyone was so happy. The best part was the children now drink clean water all year long and do not get sick.........Below are a few photos for you to see ........If u have any questions call me. I am accountable and responsible for everything 781-483-1002 Thanks for your help and support Ray OBrien

Children are Angels from Heaven