Children Are Angels From Heaven


Society For Indian Childrens Welfare - 2009

Every visit I make to this wonderful children’s home I enter the building with a smile on my face. I know I will visit a wonderful staff that loves the children so much. Each year they are so happy to see me, and its like I just came home. Some of the children in this home are small babies as well as older handicapped children. This year a very special Doctor named Dr.Dadina asked if this year I would be able to send some sterile face makes for the staff to be used in the nursery. I am happy to report back to all of you many people contributed to the Doctors request, and sent me many boxes of them to send, along with many baby clothes and stuffed animals for the children. I am always proud to help SICW. It is a great example of an NGO organization helping very poor children.

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Children are Angels from Heaven