Children Are Angels From Heaven


Soumya gets a new face and a new life!

I want to send these special photos to you first # 1 just because its almost Christmas and Christmas is a time for giving .We gave this boy and his family much happiness. He is very poor boy and lives in very poor housing with his family in a village.
I have photos of Soumya’s house that I could show you but I am not going to do that. Close your eyes and imagine just how poor, poor can be. Now you will see his home. Maybe with no running water or electricity or with little food, everyone living in one room including with his Grandparents.
Anyhow, I was looking forward to meet Soumya all year and I did meet him last month.
Because of all the Angels on this side of the world and also all the Angels on the other side of the world Soumya has had two operations on his face for his cleft lip. He still needs one more as to speak more clearly. He has a small hole on the roof of his mouth that will be fixed in 2011.
Its because of ALL of us that Soumya has his new face, as we started the ball rolling to offer to help him just after the first time I met him in 2008. His right eye is blind or close to it. We can not fix that; only God can, but I knew that we could fix the boy's face with lots of help including great Doctors in Calcutta, Dr Zarin Dadina and Dr. Arun Ganguly who is associated with Smile Train, A wonderful hospital in Calcutta called The Assembly of God Hospital, and loving and caring social workers from the Institute of Social work in Calcutta headed by Nupur Sanyal, along with his teachers at school and his family. In the end we did it!!!! Soumya has a new handsome face.
This would have never been done if it was not for all of us stepping forward to help this little boy in the first place.
When you sit back in your favorite chair on Christmas day think of what a special gift this was for this little boy and his family. Soumya now not only looks good, he can now eat properly too ! Its a gift that will last a lifetime for him........
Soumya is still very thin, when he came to me last month and gave me a big hug in the small school, I could feel every rib in his back as I hugged him, this made me very sad. His Mom also gave me a big hug and said Thank You to me... I will follow up again with everything in 2011.
Thank all of you for your help. His story is much longer, this is only the short version.

Thanks Again and Merry Christmas

Ray O

Before (2008) After (2010)

Children are Angels from Heaven