Children Are Angels From Heaven


St Paul School, Wellesley Ma- 2011

Last year St Paul School in Wellesley Ma. had a stuffed animal drive for the children in India.. The children gathered 350 gently used stuffed animals. I shipped them to Rourkela India in 7 boxes to be used at a local school Feast Day Celebration as prizes in game stalls..

The children of St Joseph Convent School (a very good School) would spend Rs. 10 to win one of the animals. The money was then used for a very poor school in a village to help buy needed school tables and benches for two classrooms. One classroom inside the convert the other in the garage area for the students.

In all the project worked out perfect... With all the children being winners !

The St Paul Children, The St Joseph Children, and the Village School Children ........

I could never do this work if it was not for many people involved.. The teachers, The Sisters, and the students of all 3 schools , along with many people here including Katy and Chris McDonagh of Natick, Ma. and the St Paul School Principal Karen McLaughlin

Below you can see a few of the photos that I was sent last week of everything…

Thank You for your continued help each year.....

Ray OBrien

Children are Angels from Heaven