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Angels Deposit Can & Tab totals for 2017

Hi Everyone,

Jan 19, 2018 Many people worked hard to gather Deposit Cans and bottles for me to count and turn in and put the funds into the General Account of Children are Angels from Heaven . It is a lot of work for me but the smiles of the kids in our projects make it all worth while and the funding of the projects do not break the backs of the donors. Its a way to gather some extra money that otherwise may be thrown in the trash....

Many more people collect Can Tabs from the top of the Deposit Cans, so that I can give them to the Aleppo Shrine in Wilmington, MA to be redeemed at a recycling center, the proceeds go to the Shriners Hospitals for Children Transportation Fund.

The pull-tab program at Aleppo Shrine in Wilmington, MA was founded several years ago as an easy way for the public to help raise funds to support the humanitarian and life-saving services the Shriners Hospitals provide.

With all of your help, Children are Angels from Heaven is proud to be a part of this fine project.

Below is a link to find out more about collecting Tabs:


Thanks Everyone for all your efforts. If you would like to start helping Children are Angels from Heaven with either of these two fundraising projects let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Below you will see the results for 2017

Thanks Again for your Help & Support

Ray O

2017 Totals of Deposits Cans & Can Tabs

Deposit Cans

Old Amount:$ 9,962.26
2017 Amount: $ 234.55
Grand Total for all the years: $ 10,196.81
For a Grand Total of 203,936 (Two hundred three thousand, Nine hundred thirty six) Deposit Cans Collected.


Can Tabs

Old Amount: 247.6 Pounds
2017 Amount: 29.0 Pounds
Grand Total for all the years: 276.6 Pounds

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