Children Are Angels From Heaven


A night at the William Sutton Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Hi Everyone

On April 19, 2018 I was invited to put on a presentation of our Children are Angels from Heaven work at the William Sutton Lodge A.F. & A.M. Saugus MA. by officers Kevin Wildman and Jim Virnelli.

My wife Patty and I arrived at the church hall at 6:15 PM with many photo boards of our Angels from Heaven work over from the years along with newsletters and DVDs to hand out to all the members and guests.

Before the presentation all the members and guests, about 45 people sat in the church hall and had a nice dinner together served by the Saugus MA. Boy Scouts troop number # 61 . The Boy Scouts did a great job making a nice dinner and serving it to everyone. During and after dinner everyone talked to each other for a short time to get to know each other and laugh and enjoy each others stories.

At 8 PM everyone got up and walked upstairs to the William Sutton Masonic Hall and took a seat for the nights programs. There were many women who were Masonic widows of members of the lodge who attended this meeting and each woman was given a bouquet of flowers to be honored and told that they would never be forgotten by the lodge.

There were 2 other people who spoke to everyone; one member who moved from Maine was looking for a good Lodge to join and another Mr. Fred Dobson who is the Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

When It came time for me to speak, I was honored. I spoke for about 25 minutes about all the work that we do to help poor people. I spoke about how I got involved with India, my first visit to India, and also about my 3 adopted children from India.

One of the main parts of my talk was to say that you do not have to travel half way around the world to help people. That starts right out the front door of this building. My only attachment to India was where my 3 children came from. I was very happy and comfortable talking to everyone. I could see that everyone was interested in what I was saying and that made it very easy to do.

I do my very best to help the poor but also try to teach people here how lucky they are. I told a wonderful story about the Westfield MA. Girl Scouts making plastic jump ropes out of plastic bags for the school children in a small school that I visited last year in Rourkela India. When I brought home the photos of the results to the Girl Scouts in Westfield MA they were so happy. The young Girl Scouts learned about another part of the world and how the smallest gift could be so special for for children far away. I feel that this small project will help all the Girl Scouts in lifes journey as they grow older.

I ended my short talk with help from Kevin Wildman the Master of the lodge. He set up a movie projector, computer and screen and I gave him a short 15 minute DVD video of a village boy named Dinesh and a visit to his home in a village. I feel the video would speak for itself how happy this boy and his family were with very little. It makes you sit back and think that all of us live in a beautiful country where we have just about everything available to us. Or we are able to reach out for help. Many people in other countries do not have the option to reach out for help.

When everything was said and done and the movie ended the entire room stood up and clapped for me. I was overwhelmed because I know everyone understood what I was saying. Yes I do work hard every day at this work, but what truly makes it work is not me but all of us to reach out to help but always being accountable to everyone for every donation that is giving. The big difference between our small charity and others is Children are Angels from Heaven will never ask for anything. You have to step forward to help and there is room for everyone. If its not for you, it is not a problem.

I stayed after the meeting was over for an hour explaining to some of the members and guests (one on one) the photos I had on the boards along the wall, and also a little more about what we do. I know Patty and I enjoyed that evening and I am also sure everyone else did too. It was a wonderful time for everyone.

I would like to say Thank You to everyone and a special thank You to Kevin Wildman & Jimmy Virnelli for inviting me to the meeting and taking care of setting up the movie for everyone to see.

If anyone has any questions feel free to call me
Ray OBrien
16 Bower St Medford Ma 02155 781-483-1002

Children are Angels from Heaven