Children Are Angels From Heaven


Work Gloves

In October 2005, Angels from Heaven received a donation of 1,800 pairs of small work gloves from Drake Daniels of Quality Press located in Hudson, NH. Drake called me and said he would donate the gloves to Angels from Heaven if I could find a use for them. With winter just around the corner, I knew I could find good homes for all of them.

As soon as we received the gloves from Drake, we sent one box (300 pairs) of gloves to Waveland, Mississippi, a community that essentially lost everything as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The Mayor of Waveland told us that the devastation in Mississippi was incredible but that the people there had faith, resiliancy and a commitment to rebuild their town and their lives, and that the gloves would keep their hands warm as they worked towards their goals.

We sent another box of 300 pairs of gloves to the Shattuck Shelter in Jamaica Plain. The Shattuck Shelter cares for homeless men and women in Boston and does the best it can with limited funds to help poor people get back on their feet. The outreach workers see more than 500 people a week, some who refuse to go to the shelter for assistance, so all the workers can do is supply them with things like gloves and clothes and blankets to help them make it through the cold winter nights in the City of Boston. The gloves were hugely appreciated by those trying to help our local homeless people.

In addition to the places listed above, we also sent 600 pairs of gloves to the Pine Street Inn in Boston, the largest homeless shelter in New England; 300 pairs were delivered to a medical missionary nun in Virginia who helps poor people and 300 pairs were sent to Krakow, Poland.

The gloves were greatly appreciated by all and will come in handy to help the homeless stay warm during the cold winter months.

Many thanks to Drake Daniels and Quality Press for their support.

Children are Angels from Heaven