Children Are Angels From Heaven



An unexpected letter from a sponsored school student in India

This story is about a young girl who we sponsored to go to school in India.
Her mail to me was a complete surprise, but it sure is beautiful and made my day.

Please understand I hade to change the student's name in the mail and remove the sponsor's last name, but that is all that was changed. Her mail will speak for itself.


I Hope I find you in good health. You remember me? I am Jane Doe (not her real name) of St. Joseph's Convent School, Odisha ,Rourkela, the student who was sponsored by Mr. Steven . It's been years sir I was not able to contact you or meet you .But, then I remembered card you gave me on the day we last met and told me "I never give my Email ID to anyone,only you are the one person I am giving it to".I still have it and thought of contacting you. I just completed my 12th grade and passed with a decent score of 81%. Mr.Ray Although it's been years but I still remember every moment we shared together at school,you used to come every year on November's with a lot of gifts from our sponsors. we had our photo sessions and there was sending of letters .You always congratulated me on seeing my report card and I loved your company a lot.

My school life has come to an end now and I am highly obliged towards you. I now wonder if you wouldn't have come to help me, sponsor me where I would have been today.

A special thanks to Steve and family for helping me through out my school life. I hope he is doing well and his family too .I wish I could have met him someday and give my special thank you with lots of love.

You said I am a blessed child and I always think about that and study hard. I will continue doing that .

Sir, continue doing the great work that you have been doing after all "Children are Angels from heaven". I sincerely hope we get to meet someday. Give my regards to Steve also .

Waiting for your reply. Good day.

Children are Angels from Heaven