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Adoption Information...

Did You Know?                  
The following people were adopted:
Walt Disney  (Disney Founder)
Nat King Cole (Singer)
Robert E L (U.S. General)
Ted Dansen (Actor)
Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza and former owner ofthe Detroit Tigers)
Nancy Reagan (Former First Lady)

Recommended Reading!                  
One book that is great reading for anyone interested in adoption, or with an adoption experience....
After Sorrow, Comes Joy
by Cherie Clark (founder of IMH)
It's a great book! You can find it easily online at or at

The Power of the Powerless by Cristopher de Vinck ISBN 0-310-48691-2: A heart-warming story about a young handicapped boy and his family

Candy Bomber: A story about the Berlin airlifts in 1948 "Chocolate Pilot" By Michael O Tunnell. ISBN 9781580893374

Recommended Movies:
The following movies, though not related to adoption, are beautiful movies offering insights into different facets of India and Indians. Do watch them!

Born into Brothels (documentary) 2004; Director: Zana Briski
The Namesake, 2007; Director: Mira Nair
Slumdog Millionaire, 2008; Director: Danny Boyle
Million Dollar Arm, 2014; Director: Craig Gillespie

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