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Deposit Cans and Can Tabs collected up to December 31, 2016

Here is an update on the Deposit Cans and Can Tabs collected up to December 31, 2016.

Lets start with the Cans and Bottles collected and turned in for cash ....

Old Amount from previous years was $9547.66

New Amount for 2016 was $ 414.60

GRAND TOTAL $ 9,962.26 USD


Can Tabs collected and given to the Aleppo Shriners, Wilmington Ma.

Old amount from pervious years 223.6 Pounds

New Amount for 2016 was 24.0 Pounds

Grand Total 247.6 Pounds



If you read my mails, here is a little trivia for you. I have counted every can and bottle myself ...along with many people giving me the Can Tabs in small bags to large shopping bags full to the top with the Tabs .....

1. Can you tell me how many cans and bottles I have collected and counted over the years for our Grand Total amount?

2. Can you tell me how many individual Can Tabs that we have collected over the years and given to the Shriners for our Grand Total amount?

The first 5 people to write me back with the closest answers for both questions will get a small prize mailed to them.

Thanks everyone for your on-going help and support every year for this special project.

Ray O ================================================================ ================================================================

The Deposit Can and Tab Winners are

Cathy Duffy 199,245.2 Deposit Cans 380,923 Tabs

Anwesha Bhattacharya 199,245 Deposit Cans 247,600 Tabs

Jeet Bathija 199,245 Deposit Cans 88,428 Tabs

Margie Chisholm 199,245 Deposit Cans 24,700 Tabs

Don Grigas 199,245 Deposit Cans 0 Tabs


The correct number of cans is 199,245 at a 5 cent deposit each (with a fraction more) because some bottles are returned for 4 cents only. 199,245 was close enough at 5 cents each.

The correct number of tabs collected is 395,800.

It takes 1600 tabs to make one pound.

A small prize will be sent to the winners.

Thanks again to everyone for your help and effort.

Ray O

Children are Angels from Heaven