A Christmas Story – India, 2021

A Christmas Story 2021

Once upon a time there were three nuns who looked after many children in a convent far away in a small village in Baghima, India. All the children wanted for Christmas was decorations and a Christmas Tree. Many of the children had never seen a beautiful Christmas Tree before, let alone a giant 10 foot Christmas Tree, full of decorations along with a beautiful Manger.
The Children’s dreams came true. With many many hours of research and lots of effort.
Children are Angels from Heaven shipped boxes of decorations to the Convent and we found a big 10 foot beautiful artificial Christmas Tree in Southern India to buy at Trinity Tree that looks just like what we have in the USA. To make the Christmas Season even more special for the Children and Sisters, Children are Angels from Heaven bought and had shipped to the Convent a new Microwave oven that was very much needed and appreciated as a gift from all of us. We also bought many food items including microwave popcorn delivered to the Convent so that the Children and Sisters could have a small party before the tree was decorated. Please understand that this was a very hard project to complete as it was in a remote area far away from the big city. I am very happy to say that Anwesha Ray in Germany as well as all of you helped the dream come true for the children. It turned out Beautiful and everyone was so Happy.. The photos will tell the entire story .
Merry Christmas