Angels From Heaven Sponsors Deaf Child -2004

Mahammod Rafi Darga

The young boy you see in the photo below is the second handicapped child Angels has tried to help in 2004.

Rafi is a beautiful 11 year old child who is deaf. He is from the village of Sangapatnam in India.

Rafi has two Sisters who attend school in the village, but because Rafi is deaf, he needs to attend a special school.

Through the Foundation for Children in Need (FCW) , a small organization started by Tom Chitta and Geetha Yeruva, Angels From Heaven is sponsoring Rafi.

Our donation provides clothes, books, tuition fees, food, and medical care for Rafi.

He is now in the 5th grade at Navajeevan School for the deaf.

When we last heard from Rafi he was very happy and excited about spending Christmas with his classmates and family.

We will follow Rafi’s progress and keep you posted as to how he is doing.

Every child deserves a future filled with hope and opportunity…