Calcutta visits of Nov. 1998 and Feb. 1999

Welcome! This is my first e-newsletter containing stories of my visits to Indian children in the orphanages and slum schools of Calcutta. Through your donations of toys and gifts and continued financial support, we can help to bring a smile to face of poor children in Calcutta. I hope you enjoy reading it…


I went to India twice: November 1998 and February 1999 since I could not be away for an extended period because my mom was sick.

I visited many children and distributed the beautiful donations that all of you entrusted in me. There were many things, such as clothes, toys, pillows, blankets, money and even shoes.

I am very proud to say I represented all of you in the best way I knew how. I have said this many times before: when a young child reaches out his or her hand for a piece of candy, ball or another small gift– it is not my hand alone that gives this child this gift– because within my hand are all of yours.

What really makes this special to me is the trust and support all of your have in me. We will never be able to change the conditions that these children live in, but one thing all of us can do is to make children smile for a few moments.

This never was nor never will be my trip. It is our trip to help poor children.

Beneath all the dirt and pollution of Calcutta, I have found some wonderful people who look after me and help me bring happiness to the children. I trust these wonderful people to guide me to the poor children. We all work very hard to accomplish this.
So as you can see, I have people who care about these children and try to help on both sides of the world.

I try to show everyone my photos so they might understand the situation and see their donations or donation money at work as the photos tell a story.

I feel in my heart ALL of us have worked very hard to do all of this and it is working. My list of places to visit in Calcutta is growing, along with the donations and the generosity of the people here in America.

In the next few months, I am going to look into a non-profit status to organize our efforts in the name of “Children are Angels from Heaven.” (If you can help me, please call me at the number below)

One final note… I once posted a flyer at work asking co-workers for used clothes for the children — never asking for anything else. To this day, people everywhere give me donations new and old along with money to do things for the children. I will never forget your generosity. It has become one of the nicest parts of my life working with all of you and helping these poor children. I love every minute of it!

Thank you for your support and your trust. My next trip will be: November 2000.