Can tabs and Can Deposits – 2009

Deposit Cans

Here are the totals of the deposit cans for the year 2009 and the grand overall total. I am sure you will be very surprised when you see the numbers. I have worked hard on this project just about every afternoon, counting thousands of cans and bottles that are given to me. Its not easy but you do what you have to do to raise funds to help the kids and you are happy to do it.

I cash everything in at the Tewksbury Redemption Center in Tewksbury, MA. The staff at the Redemption Center are always friendly and willing to help me any way they can. They know all the money collected goes to our small charity for poor children.

The total cans & bottles collected for 2009 was 22,913 deposit cans with a cash value of $1,145.69. The Grand total of cans & bottles collected over the last few years is now 117,395 with a cash value total of $5,869.76

Ray O'Brien

Can Tabs

The total of can tabs collected this year was 19 pounds. They were again turned over to Mr. Llyod Wentzell who is a member of the Shriners. The Shriners turn the tabs in for scrap metal and use the funds to buy needed equipment for the Shriners Hospitals. The Shriners hospitals help children free of charge and they do a great job. I give all of you a challenge, get a small plastic bag and fill it with the tabs and when it is full send the bag to me. You will find out how hard it is to do. Your effort will help a child in need at the Shriners Hospitals. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this project.

Ray O'Brien & Llyod Wentzell