Christmas Tree for the Sisters – 2018

Christmas Tree for the Sisters

After a nice lunch at St Joseph Convent kitchen with the Sisters it is now time to set up the Christmas tree that I had sent to Rourkela for the Daughters of the Cross Sisters inside the Convent kitchen for the Christmas holiday season.

Over many visits to India the Sisters have always taught me so much about life in India. I have seen with my own eyes the hard work that The Daughters of the Cross Sisters do every day working sun up to sun down reaching out to help as many people that they can, never once asking anything from anyone except Gods Love. The Sisters have also given me personally so much kindness and help over the years helping the children that I always wanted to do something very special for them and I picked out this project to do it.

You would think just getting a big beautiful 10 foot Christmas tree might be easy to do. I have Ha Ha Ha to say to that. It was unbelievably hard to do. But it was done, that is what really counts.
The Sisters brought to the kitchen all the Christmas Decorations and the Christmas tree to set up.
I had sent so many decorations that I bought last year right after last Christmas on sale for 75% off so that we had a few big boxes of decorations and lights to put on the Christmas tree. I even bought a battery operated little train to put at the bottom of the Christmas tree to go round and round when it was all set up.

Let me tell you, to just sit in the kitchen and watch the Sisters with their happy smiles, laughter and joy assemble the Christmas tree and hang on it all the decorations, lights and garland was a great joy for me and a happy moment in my life as well.

Everything worked out perfect except the lights. I had bought an Indian converter as the electricity is 220 Volts in India. In the USA the voltage is 110 Volts and for some reason the lights did not work right and it made me very sad.

After the Christmas tree was standing tall, all decorated with no lights Sister Anupama came to me and said don’t worry Ray I will have an electrician look at the Christmas tree lights and fix the problem.
The next day there were all new lights and the tree looked beautiful. Like no other tree in India…

Merry Christmas Sisters…

Below you will find photos to see everything.