Desks for Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya School, Calcutta, India – 2009

Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya School

I look forward to visiting this school every year. It is very poor and the need is for everything including a new school building. I always tell the principal Mr. Ashok Tiwari that if I ever hit the lottery and become a millionaire, I will build him a new school.

This year Mr. Tiwari asked me if I could have another 20 new metal tables and benches made for the school classrooms as the old ones were made of wood and falling apart. I contacted my friend Mr. Bernard Maung at Don Bosco Ashalayam a boys home and trade school and asked for his help again. It only took Bernard a day to figure out the costs involved and when he could have it completed.
It was an expensive project for Children are Angels from Heaven but it worked out perfect. The street boys at Don Bosco learned the sheet metal trade to make the tables and benches by measuring, cutting the metal to welding them together. It was a special custom job that really worked out well for the Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya School and also for boys at Don Bosco Ashalayam so it was win win for everyone including us.

I was 100% satisfied our donated money helped many children. It worked out much better than just going to a store and buying the tables and benches. During my visit I got to see the new tables and benches and visit with all the children. I had candy for everyone from St. Paul’s School and I also had picture project drawings from St. Raphael School to give to everyone.

During recess the children go outside and eat a snack, some of the girls were playing a game of badminton. One girl asked me if I would play her in a game, and all the other children of the school made a big circle around us watching us play. Needless to say, I lost, but it was a time I will carry in my heart forever……….

Principal Mr. Tiwari