Follow Up: Halloween Candy Project from Oct 2022

Follow Up: Halloween Candy Project from Oct 2022

Today I would like to reconnect  with a follow up story regarding the Halloween candy project from Oct 2022.

The Halloween Candy was collected and donated to Children are Angels from Heaven by the students and staff of St John School in Wellesley, MA as well as St John School in the North End of Boston, MA. The project was coordinated for Children are Angels from Heaven by Katy McDonough of Natick, MA. 

As I already had written, Halloween Candy was sent to 10 places this year and I have received some beautiful Thank You  letters of appreciation, for sending it to various places within the USA and India.  

  1. New England Shelter For Homeless Veterans – Boston, MA
  2. Pine Street Inn – Boston, MA
  3. Mother Teresa Shelter – Corpus Christi, TX
  4. For The Troops – Simi Valley, CA
  5. Bedford VA Hospital – Bedford, MA
  6.  Pittsfield NH Youth Workshop – Pittsfield, NH
  7. Pine Haven Boys Center – Allenstown, NH
  8. Operation Shoe Box For the Troops- Belleview, FL
  9. Pittsfield NH Seniors Center – Pittsfield, NH
  10. Hundreds of Children in Orissa, India

Patty OBrien looks after all the paperwork along with the mailing of the candy boxes and does a great job. 

Patty has only one rule, that a short Thank You letter must be sent back to her to show the candy arrived and everything went well. Otherwise you are taken off her list for the next year. 

Last week I received a few nice Thank You photos from a school in India where the candy was sent to.

Getting chocolate candy in India is very rare and special for children . 

The Sisters along with the teachers in India work hard to make it a nice Happy time distributing the candy to the children. 

Just like the Teachers here at Both St Johns Schools in the USA work hard to make it a special time to collect the candy from the children. 

So now you understand the project is all about Children helping others with Children are Angels help,  to make many smiles in the world. 

Below you will find a few photos of the Happy event in India . I hope that it also makes you Happy to see the photos…. 

I am very proud to say that The Halloween Candy project was started in 2004 and continues to this day ….

Thank You for your ongoing help and support to our small charity.

Ray O