Helping hand for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Helping hand for earthquake victims

in Turkey & Syria

Today I would like to tell you about lending a helping hand to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria from all of us at Children are Angels from Heaven.
There are times that Children are Angels from Heaven can not do our work alone and at times we have to partner up with others to help people in need. 
With 50,000 people who were killed in the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey I could not just sit on my hands and not do anything to help the poor people effected and just watch the news each day on the tv. 
When it comes to YOUR donated money to Children are Angels from Heaven that I am the custodian of, I take that responsibility very seriously and I do my homework very well before one penny or any goods are ever donated anyplace.
With the news so grim on the tv each night with the earthquake and with many ads in the news and newspapers for donations to help, I was worried about scammers or people just taking our money and goods and doing nothing with them except to steal them from us. I’m sure that you understand what I am saying. 
It is very hard to donate someplace that you don’t know their work or have never worked with before.
So with that said, I did my homework for 2 weeks and to my surprise I found a place very close to my home, named NuDay located in Derry New Hampshire.  
I called and spoke to Sonia Nousheen on the telephone a few times over a one week period and told her just how I felt. Sonia was great. She gave me lots of information and said that she understood my feelings very well. She said to me look at NuDay’s facebook page and also their web site to get all the information that I needed. Sonia also answered every one of my questions on the telephone and in emails and even invited me to come and visit them in Derry. 
I told Sonia my Angels donation to NuDay would be small but it would be from the Hearts of everyone who helps Children are Angels from Heaven. 
Last week Patty and I went shopping and bought many general medical  supplies as well as two boxes of new blankets for NuDay. 
On Friday Patty and I traveled to NuDay at 8 Tinkham Ave in Derry New Hampshire to deliver everything. When we arrived at the NuDay warehouse I met the Founder and CEO of NuDay Nadia Alawa. Nadia was very friendly and told me so much about NuDay and the work that they do to help women and children. 
In 2013 Nadia decided to create an international relief organization from scratch, focused on providing aid to women and children living through humanitarian conflicts. NuDay has been doing that for Syrian families and others experiencing humanitarian crises. 
After we talked she introduced me to some of her volunteer workers who were getting ready to load a large tractor trailer container truck that just backed up to the warehouse door to be loaded. Nadia said to me, this container is being loaded for the earthquake area and your donations will be the first to go in it. 
I loved meeting Nadia and talking to Sonia on the telephone and through emails.
I feel our donations along with a small check to NuDay are safe and will get to the people in need in a very short time.
Thank all of you who donate to Children are Angels from Heaven. 
Without you we could not be part of this beautiful partnership with NuDay.
One Person at a time, One Humanity Closer     
Ray O