In Memory Of A Friend

In Memory Of A Friend

It makes me very sad to share this news with you…

Joan was a wonderful friend to Children are Angels from Heaven. She had a wonderful connection with adopted children, helping as many that she could.

In her personal life Joan and Mick had 8 children, 4 biological and 4 adopted from India…..

I thought that you may enjoy reading about Joan’s life.  (See Below) 

Ray O

Joan Louise Milasich

April 22, 1951 ~ February 13, 2021 (age 69)

Our beloved Joan Louise (Campeau) Milasich, went to be with her Lord and Savior on February 13, 2021.  Joan was 69 years young.  She is survived by her husband of 48 years, Michael L. Milasich, DC, her son Michael Milasich (Julie), daughter Kathryn Brown (Ryan), daughter Lindsay Brown (Bill), son Joel Milasich (Rachael), son Luke Milasich (Leanna), daughters Priscilla and Sashi Milasich, and six grandchildren: Ian and Ivy Brown, Gabriella and Mila Brown, Naomi Milasich, and Izzi Milasich.  She was preceded in death by her parents and her oldest son, Stephen. 

Joan was born in Tacoma, WA on April 22, 1951 to Joseph and Gloria Campeau.  She was the third of five children.  She met “Mick” in the bean fields of Fife where they both worked summer jobs.  She later graduated from Fife High School, attended WWU, and married the love of her life in 1973 after he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  At the age of 60 she returned to St. Martin’s University and completed her degree in Social Services. 

Joan lived a full life.  She was passionate about her eight children and grandchildren.  She was an envoy for international adoptions and found so much joy in helping place Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese orphans with loving families throughout the USA.  She helped place 834 babies!  Joan was an enthusiastic Girl Scout Leader, taking her Girl Scout troops to Savannah, the home of the Girl Scouting organization.  In the early 80’s she and Mick were founding members of the Tacoma Stars MLS soccer team.  They never missed a game.  Thereafter, they helped establish North Tacoma’s youth soccer program.  She loved the Seattle Sounders and Seahawks.  She was an avid traveler and was fortunate to explore the world many times over with Mick, their children, and cherished friends.  From Croatia to the Caribbean, Ireland to Iceland, China to Canada, New Zealand to New York…Joan had a passion for genealogy and culture.  She played the piano and harp and was an excellent writer and historian.  Joan gave much of her time and talent to St. Charles Borromeo, supporting the school and church through fundraising, education, and outreach.  It was a rarity that Joan did not have her infamous chocolate chip cookies ready for distribution to friends and Nativity House.  She was a guiding light to many; steadfast, passionate, smart, thoughtful, honest, and outspoken.  Above all Joan was selfless and altruistic.  She attempted to live her life like her idol, Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  She strived to “Do all the small things with great love.” Joan will live in the hearts of all who loved her. 

Church Eulogy

Joanie is currently living in her new place.  She departed during this winter season, leaving the broken hearts of her many loved ones to carry on, suspended in space on our own God given planet, Earth.

God was number one to Joan.  She was not only a great and loving person; she was a peacemaker.  Her prayer life was impactful. She not only collected rosaries as souvenirs from our world travels, but she also prayed on them.  Our kids remember her never sneaking a bite at our table until a prayer of thanksgiving was offered up to the Lord.  Prayer was an integral part of who she was.  She constantly prayed for others and their petitions.  She had a grateful heart and gave thanks daily to God for her family, friends, and all other blessings she received in life.  She often started sentences with “Jesus says.” If anyone was in need, she was their silent angel… well… not always silent, but always humble and well-meaning.  She followed the commandments mindfully.  She was selfless, supportive, and respectful to all who were blessed enough to know her; all Christ-like attributes.

After God, family came second.  Along with her three sisters and younger brother, she adored her babies and grandbabies. Well…actually… all babies… more about that later.  She was proud and awestruck by the fine adults our kids evolved into, all too often citing their God given qualities and talents.  After meeting on a farm in a valley next to the Pick Quick in Fife, and falling in love, we knew that although we didn’t have much, we sure had fun.  We knew what hard work was and the reward that would follow.  We wanted to have a big family.  We planned it and God gave us eight children, seven of whom are still here with us today, along with six dearly loved grandchildren, who are missing their mom and meme and her generous, non-stop love and unfailing affection.  Joan’s family extended to anyone she met here or abroad.  She developed amazing ties and friendships one could ask for, people from Poland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, et cetera, et cetera.

That brings me to her third love in life; traveling.  She was no doubt a world traveler and was never hesitant to share her love of all those cultures with everyone she met.  She wanted to see all the places God has to offer.  Her stories and memories will always be cherished.  She would often exclaim, “When Mick and I were in ___.”  I loved being taken back to those special moments and seeing the happiness it gave her.  Her greatest travels were her many trips to India.  She had a great passion for its people, land, food, language, culture… and did I mention the babies?!  She considered her babies to be all the ones she met in orphanages those 14 times she flew back and forth.  She taught her own children about the many wonderful things of India and built a bond between two worlds in our own family.  She took many risky trips in order to get “her babies” to wherever God intended them to be.  It was her life’s mission to place those babies with their families.  She was a courageous woman looked up to by the families whose destiny was influenced by her.

Education was important to Joanie.  I am proud of her for going back to college and finishing her degree after many years of changing dirty diapers, laundry, endless cooking and cleaning; cheerfully done for all of us.  She was a smart lady, never shy about boasting her straight A’s.  She loved to read and write.  When we were younger it was not uncommon to receive two letters a day from her, always written with strong wit and great compassion.  Joan found reasons to laugh.  She even laughed at my stupid and inappropriate jokes and never-ending stories.  She would either be laughing at the dinner table or yelling at one of the kids to mind their manners.  I will never forget her warm smile and her ability to make those around her smile too.

Joan was a real woman of style.  This is partly my fault because I spoiled her rotten and more than encouraged her shopping!  She was always wearing matching sets and dressing the kids up.  Shopping trips to Nordstrom’s for Easter church outfits was something she adored.  She was always wearing a killer dress, stood out with color or a hat or something that sparkled!  We all remember her make-up and lipstick collection and her much-loved curling iron.  She loved to be fancy, and I will always remember her looking so cute.  One could not have asked for a better companion to grow up and grow old together with alongside our wonderful family.  She often let me know that during our lives we had done EVERYTHING she had planned and dreamed.

Joanie loved to sit by a sunlit window and admire the weather.  When she looked out the window on her last day with me and saw how much it snowed, she said, “Let’s go sledding down the hill at McKinley Park like we did when we were teenagers.” That sounded good to me, but I knew she wouldn’t want to walk back up! Instead, we had a playful snowball fight in the front yard of the condo; two old farts acting like they were kids again.  That’s how it had always been between the two of us, playful and loving.

As she passed from my hands to God’s, the snow surrounded her like an angel in white clouds, already looking down from heaven.  At that moment our love was divided between heaven and Earth and parted by the Lord.

My bride… “lovems,” I love you always, may your soul eternally rest in peace.