Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy 2006

Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy

This visit is always very special to me as I have a handicapped child. All of the children that go to school here (350) are also handicapped so we have much in common.

Tessa Hamblin is the Director of Rehabilitation and my contact at the school. She always gives me 100% of her time and effort to show me around the school and answer all my questions.

We now sponsor two children at this school, a boy named Soib, and a girl named Rumpa.

Every child attends classroom according to what level they are comfortable in. The programs offered are truly outstanding from computers to arts and crafts. Last year I watched a boy with no arms use a computer mouse with his foot to draw a picture on the computer screen. That in itself was unbelievable.

Last year I wrote in my newsletter the need for a bus with a handicapped lift gate to get the children on and off the bus. I asked Tess if it would also be ok if I could ride on the bus when the children went home. I wanted to see their problems for myself. I must tell you, it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

First the children who can barely walk get on the bus with help from the driver and his helper. Then the children who cannot walk are pushed in wheelchairs to the stairs of the bus then the two people lift the child, one by the arms and one by the legs, and carry them on the bus placing them in a seat. They put a safety harness around the child’s chest and lap to hold them in the seat and upright when moving. It was very, very, very sad to see.

These children are human beings and they deserve better. There was no dignity in this process.
Tess has asked for help from many people in regards to this bus issue and a lift gate. It is a major concern of hers and she would like to improve the situation. For now, with limited funds the school can only do the best they can for the children.

If you are interested in donating to this cause please call me at 781-483-1002.