Letter to the Children of St. Raphael’s School – 2003

St Raphael School , Medford MA.

I have never seen such a giving school in all my life. The staff and children can NEVER do enough to help me with Children are Angels from Heaven.

In 2003 Just before I left for Calcutta the school held a UFO day. During (Uniform free Day) each student brings in a dollar or more (there is no set amount) to help a specific charity and the student is allowed to wear street clothes for the day. This only happens 3 or 4 times a year at this school. With the help of the staff, the school collected $872 for Children are Angels from Heaven.

The children of grade 3A Mrs Crozier’s class & 3B Mrs Dowgert’s class also collected hundreds of pencils for me to bring with me. The school also asked for donations of gently used girls blouses as St Raphael had changed its colors. The children brought in about 150 blouses blue, white and yellow for me to bring with me. I almost fell to the floor when I found out what this wonderful school did to help the children in India. Money, school supplies and clothes. To this day I cannot get over it. 

With the help of Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Chisholm I had a chance to visit some of the children in their classroom, and show a slide show along with photo’s of my trips to India.

I did my very best to make the children understand how special a simple gift of a tennis ball or a piece of candy might be at Christmas to a child in India.

I tried to also explain that in America children have more toys and games than they will ever need in a lifetime.

What made me very proud of the St Raphael children was how interested the children were to help the Indian children and the attention they gave to every one of my photo’s or slides. It was a learning experience for them to see the world we live in and what they did to help make it better.

Ray at St. Raphael School