Medford Vocational School and the St. Joseph’s School – Donated Desks – 2002

Medford Vocational School and the St. Joseph's School - Donated Desks 2002

In June of 2002, I was given surplus school desks from the Medford Vocational School and St. Joseph’s School, both of Medford, Massachusetts. Because of my many trips to poor schools in Calcutta, India, I knew in my heart that these unwanted (not needed) used desks could be used again and should not be thrown away. I talked to Mr. Brown at St. Joseph’s School and Mr. Mahoney of the Medford Vocational School. I told them I would like to take all the desks and find them a new home.

I gave both of these men my word that I would not sell the desks and I would report back to them as to what I did with them. With the help of many people, the used school desks, approximately 200 of them, were brought to Save the Children in Berea, Kentucky in July 2002 and to the Christian Faith Academny in Laconia, New Hampshire in Sept. 2002. Both of these places were in need of desks for children.

It was very hard work to get the desks from the schools, to our storage trailer for storage and then to re-stack them back on a truck to deliver them. The ride to Kentucky was very long, but pretty–2,100 miles round trip. In the end, everything worked out GREAT . . . The best part was helping children–this time in our own country. Please look at the photos of the desks in the Kentucky and New Hampshire school desk trips link on Current Events.