Mexico story

Mexico story

Before I begin this mail I would like to say Thank You to Steve Powers for a great job looking after the Children are Angels from Heaven Facebook page. Every story with all the photos sure looked great to read about my last trip to India . He did a wonderful job and I hope all of you enjoyed reading the mails.

I have now been home for just about 2 months and I have been very busy so I am behind on all my mails.
One mail that was sent to be was a mailing from my friend Alan Briones who is from Mexico and a member of the Saugus MA. William Sutton Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Each time Alan and his family visit his family in Mexico I make up a donation box and mail it to his Mother in Mexico who keeps it for Alan until he and his family arrive in Mexico. This year is my 4th box to Mexico in the past 2 years I sent many baby clothes and toys and the William Sutton Lodge members helped send a wheelchair to Mexico to a handicapped young man who needed one.

To make a long story very short everything worked out perfect and everyone was very happy.

Below you will see some photos and Alan’s Thank You letter that he sent to me.

Alan is a man who truly cares about the poor people in the world, and I am happy to help him.
Thank all of you for helping me to be able to help other people in need …

Ray OBrien
January 5, 2020

Hello Raymond,

I Hope you doing well, and you had great holiday time with your family.

This Letter is to thank and share some pictures for the Kids and families to Raymond O’Brian from Children Are Angels From Heaven for the toys and clothes donations they sent and we delivered in Mexico for the Kids and families from the communities from La Alianza and Solidaridad in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Before to start sharing the pictures, I knew that you went to India to visit Kids and poor people for your titanic work about the Donations program you had as well.

On this letter I want to mention that Raymond is a great human being and he is been doing the job that looks easy but is not, as I started helping others with donations for almost 2 years I can tell that is not an easy work for different reasons but at the moment when we cross great human beings we are able to complete this job, Thanks GOD for helping us and putting the right people in front of us all the time.

A little story about this journey before the delivery on November.

This time at the beginning of October Raymond and I met and we were talking about how hard things are being now those days and also we discuss that is not easy to get donations for different reasons…at that time I was thinking Raymond could not help this time of the year with the donation Box to Mexico as he had been doing for 3 times, that was my thought that day, but 2 weeks after on October 16 he sent me an email saying that he was able to shipped a big Box to Mexico, that notice made my day.

Consequently after about a week my Mom called me and she mentioned that they got the Box from Raymond and put it on a safe place for me on my Mom house to donate at the end of November when I was planning to visit them and deliver the toys and clothes for Kids and families on those communities.

At the beginning of November my family and I flew to Mexico and we schedule one day for Donations after we saw my wife’s family and my side family.

On November 20 once we visit those families from la Alianza and Solidaridad we delivered the Box with clothes and toys from Kids Are Angles From Heaven and some more clothes that my Mom and family in Mexico got together for the same cause.

Jose Omar’s story…

Also, I want to thank the Masons from William Sutton Lodge in Saugus and the HELP program as well for the contribution and support to send a Wheelchair for Jose Omar he is a quadriplegic kid and his parents are helping and supporting him however they live on extremely poverty and not the best conditions to buy the wheelchair that Jose Omar needs.

This time we were able to deliver the wheelchair and we can see Jose Omar’s family happy and thank full for the generosity of this donation, thank you all that made this possible.

Thank you, Raymond O’Brian again for your help and support to those families. I appreciate a lot your time and effort to help me to complete this generous work. GOD Bless you and your family always!

Here some pictures of Donation in la Alianza and Solidaridad, Nuevo Leon Mexico.

Thank you, Brother.
Alan Avid Silva Briones