New Computers in Memory of John Barrett – 2014

St Joseph Secondary School

Today I visited St Joseph Secondary School in Rourkela India. I have with me a small plaque that was made special in Memory of a nice man from Bedford, MA. that I worked with for many years who suddenly passed away. His name is John Barrett.

John was the type of man who would walk by me and say Ray here is $20 for the kids, do something nice with it for them or he would come to work on Monday morning with a bag of deposit cans for me to cash in to get money for our small charity. John was another special Angel who stepped forward to help me help the kids in some small way every time he could.

When John passed away in July of 2013 his wife Kathy sent me a donation check for Children are Angels from Heaven in John’s memory. She said John always loved the work that Angels did for the children and was very proud to be a part our small charity.

From being friends with John for many years I knew education was very special to him so I decided to purchase two very much needed computers for St Joseph Secondary School and with the principal’s permission to install a plaque on the computer room wall telling a little about John for all to see.

It was a wonderful visit at the school in the computer room with all the children.

I spoke for 20 minutes to the children regarding John and how special education was to him.

After looking over the two new computers with the children that were both modern and up to date with the latest technology and also hanging the special plaque on the wall I told the children to always study hard and then I said good bye to everyone. The children and Teachers clapped their hands to say Thank You as I left the room.