Priti’s eye operation, India – 2014

Priti’s Eye Operation

I have been involved with a very special project the past 6 months regarding a young girls lost eye site .. If you remember from my past mailings her name is Priti ..She is 15 years old and could not see. Priti had problems at school seeing and could not go to school.

I am proud to tell all of you Priti did have her operation at the Lokeswaranda eye Foundation in Purulia West Bengal India .. By Dr Asis Chatterjee on July 9th she stayed at the hospital for 3 days and went home to rest and to wear sunglasses… Three weeks later she returned to Purulia for a follow up visit with Dr Asis and to be fitted with glasses.. Priti was given her fitness test and admitted back to school about 20 days after the operation. Her vision was 5% and its now near 65 to70%.

My Friend Dibyendu Bhattacharya of Kolkata had been the person who connected myself and Sister Anna Mary with Doctor Asis. I could write for hours how kind both Dr Asis Chatterjee was and Dibyendu Bhattacharya were to Priti and Sister Anna Mary. Both of them treated them both as if they were their own family members. The Dr looked after every single detail of Sister Anna Mary & Priti’s arrival in Purulia from having them picked up at the railroad station because it was a strange place to them at night so he wanted them to feel safe. They both stayed at the hospital after the operation for 3 days and in general everything was so perfect even I cannot believe all that has been done to help this little girl in the kindest loving way that I have ever seen. Priti’s family was never charged one penny for any of the services to help repair her eyes by Dr Asis Chatterjee or the Lokeswaranda eye Foundation in Purulia West Bengal India.

The story is beautiful from the very beginning to end.

Without me going on and on about everything let me show you one of the E-Mails that Sister Anna Mary has sent me….along with a few photos that were very hard to send by email from her for all of us to see .. Please see the Photos and Story below..

Very dear Mr.Ray,

Just to let know that I am back today from Purulia.Priti has got her glass on..According to Dr.Asis she has got back her vision about 65%.She is happy about it.. although it will not be 100% she accept it this.

when she was about 8 or 9 years old a boy as her age had thrown a raw guava fruit and it hit her eye badly.this affected her retina and lance… this Doctor must have explained to you. She suffered from pain and heavy bleeding in her eye and her eye remained closed for some times. Her mother could not take her to any doctor due to poverty as well living in remote area where she had to travel by walking to the bus stand for may be more than two hours. It took time to bring her to the any doctors..after long gap she was brought to Rourkela where she was given some first aid and doctor told them nothing can be done..

So Priti’s mother had no other way but to remain silence she was so disappointed and became very helpless….she could not take her to any other specialists.. If I knew that time surely I could have done something because I was in Calcutta then. Slowly her closed eye was opened .She remained like that… and later she developed cataract which happened due to trauma.

What you have done is a great job… rest we leave on God’s hand…from tomorrow she will join class.Photos will be later..

with regards

Sr.Anna Mary

Priti before her eye Operation… Dec 2013
Priti after her eye operation
Priti Eating at hospital after the operation
Priti is being examined by Dr.Asis before she would get glasses.
Dr.Asis continues to examine Priti’s eye…..
Dr.Asis making sure that Priti’s eye is better
Priti... A very Happy girl... Thanks to Dr Asis and the eye hospital.
Priti with Dr.Asis and Sr.Anna Mary who accompanies Priti to the hospital.
Priti with Nursing staff who cared for her during her stay in the hopital all loved her much and with her maternal aunt and Sr.Anna Mary
Priti comes to the class after about 20 days later after her eye operation. She has to work hard...
Priti with class before school at assembly
Priti in Science Class
Priti in Class
Priti’s Family says Thank You to Everyone for your help...
Priti December 2014
Here is a Thank You written from Priti for you to read