Rebuilt Website Children are Angels from Heaven – 2020

Rebuilt Website Children are Angels from Heaven

Hi Everyone,

I know the news for the past few months has not been good all over the world with Covid 19 so today I would like to tell you some news that may make you Happy….I like to think of it as Good Stories and Good News made by all of you.

If you remember >>> Back in late Sept 2019 our Children are Angels from Heaven Website was completely erased and I had no back up information for this site.

Not knowing much about computers or web sites, this was a very hard thing to learn about, and I had no idea what I needed to do to recover some of our beautiful stories from the last 18 years or so.

When I contacted Anwesha Ray in Germany who is part of our Angels family who does a lot of our Website work, she was in shock at what had happened and said it is best to try to find as much information that I can in old photos and writings right now so that we can start over.

Anwesha understood what it meant when I told her everything was erased. That it would not be easy to rebuild the web site with little past information to go forward with.

I will always Remember Anwesha’s words to me at that time. She said to me, Ray dont worry we will get everything back where it was and the web site will be even better than it was before.

It sounded good for her to say that to me but when I found out what had to be done I thought that it would never happen and our web site stories were all gone forever.

To me it was like climbing the highest mountain in the world and I was not even a mountain hiker to begin with.

Anwesha told me that she had a friend in Kolkata India named Ashim Gayen who would work with both of us, to get the new web site started on and to install all the information and photos from Angels on a new format called WordPress that was a top of the product for making websites.

It was at that point I started to call people in our Angels Family to see if they could help, and if they had any old stories or information to share with me about special stories that I had written over the years.

It has taken a little more than 6 months and has been a very long hard road but I am very Happy to tell all of you.

Thanks to many people our Children are Angels From Heaven Website is back online right now with 99.9 % of every story recovered with color photos, along with every newsletter from the first year it was printed. The Memory list has also been updated along with a few other links on the New Website.

At this time I would like to say Thank You to a few people who reached out to help me.

Gagan Singh, Bob Brown, Cara and Mike Siggins, Cathy and Gary Dekow, Anwesha Ray, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Bunny and Victor Stoykovich, Christopher Vega at, Sharon Rolands, Eric Hodorowski, Thomas H and John, Jackie, Joanna OBrien, Tom Staduto, Steve Powers, Rob Johnston, Guna Sundari, Ashim Gayen and most likely a few more people.

After all these people gave me information or pointed me in some direction to get more Angels Stories. I knew that Bunny Stoykovich in South Carolina was working very hard on the past newsletters that were also missing. Bunny’s work helped me go back to the years of the stories to get them back on the web site. Once I knew that, I could look through my mountains of India Photos going back almost 25 years.

My wife was ready to kill me because I had so many papers and boxes all over the house from one end to the other the past 6 months or even longer, trying to look for stories or photos.

In the end it all worked out perfect…

The one BIG REASON it worked out in the end was having Ashim Gayen in Kolkata India work with me every single day and Anwesha in Germany watching over everything.

I would put the old stories together, 2 or 3 at a time and send them to Ashim in Kolkata India via E Mail.

Every morning that I got up, the work that I sent to India the day before was now on the new web site under Current Events and I started working on more stories to send to India for the next day.

This went on every day for over a month.

Ashim Gayen did an absolutely wonderful job on the Web Site and it was a joy to work with him to rebuild the Children are Angels from Heaven Website from the ground up.

If anyone has computer work to get done I highly recommend Ashim.
He gets it all done fast and he is very good.

Ashim’s E-mail address is

Ashim is for hire and his prices are very reasonable. Just tell him that Ray OBrien from Children are Angels from Heaven told you to contact him.

I guarantee you that you will not be sorry.

Here is a little about Ashim’s background in his own words for all of you to see.

I have done MCA (Master of Computer Applications) from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, and I graduated with Physics(Honours) from University of Calcutta. I did my schooling from Barisha High School (Affiliated to WBBSE: West Bengal Board of Secondary Education).

Trust me, Ashim is a perfect 10 and can and will do anything to help you with computer work if you want to contact him.

Below is a photo of Ashim in Kolkata

Ashim Gayen

For now I ask to look over our new website in wordpress and read some of the stories. They sure are beautiful !

If you like to read books you will enjoy all the Happy Stories in current events.

Please remember that when you look at the current events list, for every story that is listed there are 10 other beautiful stories that are not printed on the current events list, but are in the newsletters listed.

Thanks EVERYONE for your help and support to finally get this work done so that I now am able to move forward with other Angels work.

It was all of you that made the beautiful stories, all I did was write about them for the past 18 to 20 years

Thank You to all of you for your help and continued support every year.

Ray O


From Ashim:

Hello Ray,

Thank you very much for your email. It’s been an honor and privilege working with you and it’s great to see recommending my name to all your friends.

Just to let you know I have developed more than 500 websites till now and have a 10+ years of experience in web development and design that includes e-commerce websites, wordpress plugin development, payment gateway integration etc.

Here are a few of my websites that I developed recently.along with (Personal Blog ) (Thai Cuisine ) (Software) (Wedding ) (Books) (Coaching) (Nail Salon)

Please have a look and let me know if you need any of the services.

Thanks & Regards,