Roy story of Kindnness

Roy story of Kindnness

Hi Everyone

I thought today because of all the sad news all around the world regarding the Covid 19 virus I would send you a very nice video that I watched on the TV last night about Kindness. 

The show was called Chaos & Kindness

Its a story about a man named Roy . Who was a Roy Orbison impersonator long ago…
I will not give the story away but it is a 21 minute video about kindness….Im sure it will put a tear in your eye. 

I am not a rocker or into rock bands but there is something special here that has to do with someone old and someone young and they both connect in the kindness way..
The world is full of Chaos right now and because all of us are locked down at home you would enjoy the video and it might take your mind off of the the bad times we are all having …

You have to follow the Video on You tube

Hopefully this is the link for you to watch it . It is 21 minutes long. 

Chaos and Kindness S3 E20- The Story of Roy – YouTube

I hope that you are able to get it to watch the story of Roy .. It will make you HAPPY….
For my friends in India …Here is a little information on the real Roy Orbison and who he was …

Roy Orbison – Wikipedia

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman (from Black & White Night) – YouTube
I hope this works out I do not know much about computers but I did my best with all the links to send it to all of you

If all fails the video is on 

The story of Roy S3 E 20

I hope everyone is doing ok and soon the world will be better .

Stay Safe Everyone and look out for each other with KINDNESS….