Rumpa and Shoaib’s story March 2018

Rumpa and Shoaib’s story

 Hi Everyone,
A short time ago I was sent reports for 2 handicapped children that Children are Angels from Heaven sponsors each year at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy that I would like you to read……
IICP is a wonderful place for handicapped children. I am very proud that Children are Angels from Heaven with all of your help , is a part of this Wonderful ,Loving, Caring, School.
Soaib & Rumpa are only two of hundreds of children who go to this school every day.
Some of the Children come from very poor families and the family income might be 3,000 Rs per month.  Converted to USA funds that would amount to just under $50 US Dollars per month.
Please understand that having to care for handicapped children is not easy. One thing for sure, IICP is there to help every child with the special needs that they require with a very dedicated professional staff.
Again, I am very proud Children are Angels from Heaven is a small part of this wonderful program ….
Please see the report below. I hope that you understand that I have taken some of the personal information out of the report .
Thank You for your help
Ray O



Rumpa comes to the Adult Day Centre twice a week. She is a cheerful person who always greets people with a lovely smile. She shares information on current topics and news during the Assembly and circle time. Rumpa carries out her duties at the laundry sessions with great confidence. She and her friends ensure that the cleanliness of the roof garden is maintained. She regularly gets information about plants and gardening from the Internet and shares it with her group.

Rumpa participates in the group counselling session with her peers.

In the mini module class, she has learnt to make cheese cake, chocolate mousse, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and fruit cocktail with cream. During her stay at the Respite Service, she went to the market to shop for vegetables.

In the grooming session, Rumpa can list all the facial products like scrubber, massage cream, moisturizer, rose water, face towel etc. She occasionally likes to wear nail polish which matches her outfit.

Rumpa enjoys listening to Bengali songs especially Rabindra Sangeet and always requests the music teacher to sing some popular ones. She went to the Rabindra Sadan to see the annual concert and also attended the IICP exhibition at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. She enjoyed both outings thoroughly.

Thank you for your help and support. Your contribution enables Rumpa to learn new skills and prepare her for a better future.




Soaib and his parents live in his maternal grandparents’ home. His father works as a tailor in a factory and his mother is a homemaker.  The monthly family income is approximately —— and falls in the BPL category.

The result of a blood test Soaib had undergone recently was normal. He was given a de-worming medicine by the doctor.

He is in Educational Development Unit V. He greets visitors and interacts with them using his communication board and voice output devices. He took part in the annual concert held at Rabindra Sadan and the School Exhibition which was held at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. He attended the celebrations of Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan and Children’s Day.