Ryder System Inc. and desks for 3 schools in India – 2015

Ryder Systems Inc.

On Sept 9th 2015 the CEO of Ryder Systems Inc Mr. Robert Sanchez and Ryder FMS President Mr. Dennis Cooke came to visit Ray OBrien at his Ryder workplace truck shop (0567) located in Stoneham MA to congratulate him on being picked as one of the Heroes of the Fortune 500 in 2015.   During that visit Ray had a nice talk with Mr. Sanchez about the work Children are Angels from Heaven has accomplished over the years and our future projects and goals for an upcoming trip later this year 2015 at Thanksgiving.

Mr. Sanchez was very interested to hear some of the stories and what Children are Angels from Heaven  had done over the years to help poor children. He told me, Ray you must be very proud of what you and all your donors have accomplished. We at Ryder know that you have worked hard every day for our company for over 31 years and yet you have found the time to extend yourself in such a big way to help so many people who are in need.  I congratulate you and your followers at Children are Angels from Heaven.

Mr Sanchez handed Ray a very generous check that day and said that it could be spent on one of our upcoming projects. Ray then explained that the year before he had visited Orissa India and he saw two local small schools that the children sat on the floor in the classroom as there were no school desks or chairs for the students. Mr. Sanchez did not hesitate, He said Ray let’s look after those children ASAP….

Ray shook his hand and said Thank You to him.

Working with the Daughters of the Cross Sisters in Rourkela Orissa India. The project got underway very fast. The Sisters did an excellent job looking for heavy duty high tables and low benches for the two school classrooms. The Sisters needed everything to be very strong and durable to last a long time.

The two places the new desks would go to is St Joseph Primary School in Rourkela  and to a small village school in Ghoghea, Orissa.

When the new desks arrived at each school the teachers and students were so happy. The teachers arranged a song and dance program at St Josephs and the Sisters arranged sweets for every child in both schools as well as photographs of the day. It was a very happy time for everyone.  “A day to always remember”

Because of the Sisters watching how every penny was spent, it was determined that Children are Angels from Heaven  still had a little left over funds from the original Ryder donation after the two schools had the new desks. The Sisters and Ray  decided to extend the desk project to another very poor Day Care School called Sheetalpara  in Rourkela.

Making the total number of schools where the desks were given to not just two, but to three! This was great news and again everyone was very happy.

I could go on for hours of how well this project went and was so appreciated.

It was a wonderful gift for the children to sit at a desk and chair at school.

Below you will see photos of each school with before and after photos.

Many Thanks to Mr Sanchez and Ryder Systems Inc. for reaching out to help the children and becoming part of our Children are Angels from Heaven Family.

Ghoghea Village School
St Joseph Primary School
St Joseph Primary - Before
St Joseph Primary - After
Ghoghea - Before
Ghohhea - After
Sheetalpara - Before
Sheetalpara - After