Sabera Home for Handicapped Children – 2007

Sabera Home for Handicapped Children

I enjoy my visits to this home very much. The ride from the city is about one hour by taxi or car. The home is very clean and the children are well cared for. I admire the entire staff each year for doing such a good job with the children. I have known many of the Massies and children for many years. I have watched with my own eyes as the children grow each year. I love these kids and I will do anything to help them.

After many handshakes and hugs from the staff as I entered the building upon my arrival. I was taken right to see the children. This year I could see there were many more handicapped children. I went to the side of the bed of every child and said hello. I know many by name Isha, Dasi, Twinkle, Samita etc.

During my visit I also met an old friend named Simson. He was giving some of the children physical therapy. I can’t tell you how nice it was to see him working with the children exercising their arms and legs so they will not become stiff and twisted. It was great!

A wonderful family in Medford MA always remembers the little girl who had a crossed eye that Angels from Heaven funded to be fixed a few years ago with the help of Dr. Dadina. Her name is Dasi. This year Kathy brought me a bag of small gifts to give to her. When Dasi was brought into the room to greet me. She was so happy and gave me a big hug. The Sabera staff worked to help me give these special gifts to this little girl. (Dasi has no family only the staff and children at Sabera.) As the gifts were given to her the staff would help, putting on a new coat or a new pair of shoes on Dasi. If I live to be 1000 years old I will never forget her happy smile.

During the year I would write Sabera and ask how the children are doing and if they needed anything. I got a reply this year that they were in need of a battery powered electrical inverter to run four lights and two fans in the children’s area for when the electrical power goes out. A generator would not work because of the noise and exhaust. Please understand these children are handicapped and many times children’s seizures are brought on by the body getting hot and overheated. It is very hot and humid in Calcutta most of the time. I am very proud to tell you that a special donation was given to Children are Angels from Heaven by Rosemary and John Kostrzewski from Pittsfield, NH to help purchase the inverter in memory of a good friend named Douglas A. Redman. It did take time to complete the project but everything worked out and the staff was so happy with the new equipment.

When it came time to say good-bye, I always get sad. I know many of the children I may never see again. I walk around and revisit every child in the handicapped ward and say good-bye. As I do, I say a small prayer to myself for each child that God will look over them. I also gave a big hug to every child. Tears always fill my eyes when I do this. I remember these children all year long in my sleep and in my dreams. I wish I could do more for them.