Salvation Army Water System – 2008

Salvation Army Girls Home
Behala Calcutta

As I had written in my last newsletter I was looking forward to my arrival at the Salvation Army Home to see the new finished water system that was installed after my last visit. The Revere MA High School, along with teachers Amanda Jenkins and June Krinsky-Rudder helped to raise $685.54 for this very special project. I am happy to say the water system looked great when I saw it. The children could now get a drink of fresh, clean, chilled water. Something they never could do before. Every year during the monsoon season the children would all get very sick from drinking dirty water. Because of all of us, and the new water system, that will not happen again.

On the day of my visit we had a dedication party for the new system complete with cake and ice cream and stuffed animals for everyone. The children sang a nd danced as part of the dedication events. The construction of the project was handled by Captain Patrick of the Salvation Army and Mr. Bernard Maung of Don Bosco Ashalayam. I’d like to say a very special Thank You to everyone who took part in this very special project to help the children.