St Patrick’s Girl Scouts, Stoneham Ma – 2006

St. Patrick’s Girl Scouts Troop 3310 & 1368 — Stoneham, MA

In January of 2006, I was given seven boxes of donated school supplies and clothes from the Girls Scouts of both these troops. The children had a clothing and school supply drive to help children in need many miles away. The Girl Scouts did a great job gathering many things and giving it to Angels from Heaven for shipment to India. Everything arrived in Calcutta in March 2006. A loyal friend of the children and Angels from Heaven, Anwesha Bhattacharya was in charge of the project when the donations arrived in Calcutta. She distributed the donations to five different places.

  1. Tribal children studying in a small school at Purulia, a rural hamlet 300 kms away from Calcutta.
  2. Students of a school for underprivileged children at Khidirpur, Calcutta.
  3. Poor children being brought up at an orphanage in Calcutta named Future Hope School.
  4. Very poor children dwelling at a particular locality in Calcutta.
  5. Fifteen -year old boy being brought up by his Mother in adverse conditions.

Because of the size of the project and the number of donations, this project took time to complete. In the end many children were given something they otherwise would never be able to have or afford. Anwesha sent me a nice report and lots of photos of everything.

On the back page of the report is a letter from Anwesha it reads:

I am considering myself lucky in having had the opportunity to associate myself with the entire exercise which brought a few rays of bright sunshine in the lives of a lot of poor and deprived children at least for a few moments.

On behalf of the children to whom I reached, the gifts smeared with love and affection from well wishers of a far away land, I heartily thank Mr. Raymond O’Brien and the Girl Scout Groups involved in the endeavor.