Immaculate Conception School, Lowell, MA – 2006

Immaculate Conception School Lowell, MA

Another special project in 2006 was a clothing drive by Mrs. Zarba’s 5th grade class. I had visited the children and showed them a few photos of India and the work we do to help the children. A few days later Mrs. Zarba called me and said after I left the classroom, the children were very touched by the work we do and wanted to help. She asked for suggestions of doing a project with her school children. 

We agreed a project which would connect the children and help her children to learn about the world would be best. I suggested a used clothing drive for a very special school I visit each year the K.M.C.P. Municipal School. Mrs. Zarba was in agreement.

I contacted Mrs. Nessa of the Calcutta school and told her about the project. She was very happy with it and said she would help any way she could.

With everyone in agreement the clothes drive began. Each student of The Immaculate Conception School was only allowed to bring in one piece of used clothing. It had to be in excellent condition, something special! The 5th grade looked after all the donations for the entire school. When all was collected, I was called by Mrs. Zarba to revisit the 5th grade class at her school.

What a shock to see all the beautiful clothes when I entered her classroom and the smiles of all the children. It was great! The clothes were folded and 5 put into five big boxes.

I said good bye and THANK YOU to all the children and took the boxes home to ship to the K.M.C.P. School in India.

About nine weeks later everything arrived. Mrs Nessa and her staff were very grateful for everything sent to her school. The children loved the clothes and it was a wonderful example of children helping poor children connecting the world.

Thank You to everyone who helped with this project especially Mrs. Zarba and Mrs. Nessa along with all the students and staff at both schools.