St. Teresa’s School 2006

St. Teresa’s School

Last year I wrote in my newsletter about a program Angels from Heaven and St. Teresa’s School had started together. St. Teresa’s School is a large school and well known in Calcutta. Down the road from the school, families live under a bridge or flyover. The living conditions are poor and unsanitary.

I am proud to say that because of the donations and school supplies I have received from you, approximately 45 children from this area now go to school for one and a half to two hours a day five days a week. It is a wonderful program. Sister Teresa, the school principal, makes sure the children learn basic things such as drawing, math, writing, along with arts and crafts.

Each day the children are given a good snack to eat and once a week the children are given a big bag of rice to take home to eat.

During the year I had funded, with the help of your donations, a trip to the zoo for the children, and a special day for India’s Independence Holiday in August. The children love school and what they are learning.

Because of your generosity I was able to purchase a new uniform for the children and a pair of shoes, many of the children never had a pair of shoes before, two bars of soap, a comb, and a ribbon for the children’s hair. The children were so grateful and happy; I could write forever about these beautiful children. They are eager to learn every day in class.

This program was started with a .25 cent donation from a very special girl in America and it has grown like a beautiful flower…………Thank you for your continued support