Tumpa’s Eyes – 2002

Tumpa’s Eyes

During many of my visits to the Salvation Army Home in Behala, Calcutta, I visited a beautiful little girl named Tumpa, who many of you may have read about in my newsletters. Tumpa was examined by doctors and found to be totally blind in one eye, which was also crossed, and had poor vision in her other eye.

When I first met Tumpa, I vowed to do everything I could to help her live a better life. Over the next year, Angels from Heaven, together with the Salvation Army, had Tumpa fitted for eye glasses, which helped improve her sight, but the greatest accomplishment occured in 2002, when Angels From Heaven was able to donate the funds required to allow Tumpa to undergo an eye operation to correct her crossed eye. 

Tumpa came through the surgery with flying colors. I saw her during the last trip I took to Calcutta, and she looked great! The staff at the Salvation Army reports that because of Tumpa’s now near normal appearance and improved vision she is doing well in school and is a very happy child. The “before” and “after” pictures of Tumpa are shown below: